Current Projects, last updated 6/19/2018

Stoney Road Pump Station Electrical Upgrade

The North Charleston Sewer District is accepting Bids from qualified licensed Electrical Contractors to Upgrade Electrical Service at our Stoney Road Pump Station, and install District supplied equipment.  Bids will be accepted until 2:00 pm, July 10, 2018, at which time all bids received will be publicly opened and read aloud at the NCSD Administrative Offices, 7225 Stall Road, North Charleston.  The Bid Document is here;  all other documents related to this project are below. North Charleston Sewer District reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Appendix 1 – Electrical Section 16400

Appendix 2 – Submersible Sewage Pumps Section 11313.1

Appendix 3 – Stoney Road Pump Station Drawings (Sheets 1-10)

Appendix 4 – Stoney Road 300 KW Approved Generator Submittal Data                          (Provided by NCSD) 

Appendix 5 – Stoney Road Generator Pad Section

Appendix 6 – Stoney Road Approved Pump Package and Control Panel                            Submittal Data (Provided by NCSD)  

Engineering Services for WWTP Grit Chamber Modifications

The North Charleston Sewer District is now accepting Letters of Interest to include Statements of Qualifications from established Engineering firms interested in providing planning, permitting, design (civil, structural, electrical, and/or mechanical), preparation of bid and contract documents, and construction administration services for Modifications to our WWTP Grit Chamber.  Responses will be accepted until 2:00 pm, July 5, 2018, at which time all respondents to this request will be publicly identified at the NCSD Administrative Offices, 7225 Stall Road, North Charleston.  No information will be released other than the names of the respondents at the opening.  The RFQ document is here.  North Charleston Sewer District reserves the right to reject any and all responses.

Addendum 1 is here.

Hillendale Pump Station Upgrade

Bids opened May 24 were:

BIDDER                                    BID

                            Triad Engineering and Contracting   $  983,608

                                            MJL Inc.                                    $1,113,198                                                                         RH Moore Inc                           $1,134,888

Awarded to Triad on 6/11/18

WWTP Maintenance Shop Construction

Bids opened May 24 were:

                                             BIDDER                                    BID

                             Design Build Construction                $   856,903

                             SouthCon Building Group                  $1,034,000

Awarded to Design Build on 6/11/18

Large Diameter CIPP Ashley Interceptor RehabilitationPhase 8

Bids opened 5/15/18 were:

                        BIDDER                                       BID

                 SAK Construction                           $1,829,888.00
                 IPR Southeast                                 $1,999,194.25
                 Insituform Technologies               $2,087,587.15
                 Spiniello Companies                      $2,367,800.00
                 AM Liner East                                  $2,653,611.70
                 Lanzo Trenchless Technologies  $2,950,000.00
                 Layne Inliner                                    $2,979,197.50
                 Kenny Construction                       $3,971,721.00

Awarded to SAK on 6/11/18

Mechanical Mixers Bid

Bids Opened 4/16/18 were:

                                         BIDDER                                          BID

                        Technology International                          $37,550.50

             Invent Environmental Technologies                 $40,978.95

                                       Clearwater                                     $50,472.48

                     Philadelphia Mixing Solutions                    $75,697.14


Awarded to Technology International

Wastewater Aerial Crossing Replacements

Phase 2

Bids opened 4/12/18 were:

BIDDER                                            BID

                     Gilbert Engineering                             $  518,730
                     S.J. Hamill Construction                      $  542,100
                    Triad Engineering & Contracting          $1,475,260

Awarded to Gilbert Engineering on 5/14/18

CIPP Small Diameter

Bids opened 4/5/18 were:     

BIDDER                                   BID

Layne Inliner                     $1,068,056.25

IPR Southeast                    $1,079,233.30

Insituform                          $1,087,581.10

SAK                                   $1,112,479.50

Southeast Pipe Survey       $1,124,740.13

AM-Liner                           $1,187,574.50

Vac-Vision                         $1,229,242.50

Awarded to Layne Inliner on 5/14/18

Pump Station Monorail System Upgrades

Bids opened 4/5/18 were:     

  BIDDER                                   BID     
IPW Construction Group          $356,799.50
Level Utilities                               $490,825.00 
MJL, Inc.                                        $437,592.00

Awarded to IPW on 5/14/18

Upcoming projects, last updated 6/4/18

Supply and delivery of LIQUID POLYMER for Wastewater DEWATERING PROCESS

Surplus  sales

See for surplus equipment currenly available.


The Purchasing Department is responsible for procuring all goods and services for the District. The Department strives to utilize known resources as well as newer technology to acquire the best value in goods and services while meeting all applicable laws and the District’s Procurement Resolution.

To receive Solicitations that are not available on this page, or to ask questions about these and other projects, email the Purchasing Department, or call 843-764-3072 ext 2653, 2644, 2643, or 3307. 

The North Charleston Sewer District does not maintain a special Bidders List.  Potential bidders are encouraged to visit this page often for updates to the Current and Upcoming Projects.