Current Projects, last updated 10/15/2018

Turkey Creek Pump Station Roof Replacement

The North Charleston Sewer District is accepting Bids from qualified licensed Contractors to replace the existing roof at Turkey Creek Pump Station with a TPO roof per specifications.  There is a mandatory site visit on October 9, 2018, at 9:00 am at the job site in Hawthorne City Trailer Park, (turn from Rivers Avenue onto Hawthorne Drive, go to the dead end and turn left, this dead ends into pump station). Attendance at this site visit is a prerequisite to submitting a bid.  Bids will be accepted until 2:00 pm, October 23, 2018.  The Information and Bid Form is here, Specifications are here, and drawings are here.  North Charleston Sewer District reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Installation of Transformer and Switchgear Equipment at WWTP

Bids opened October 9, 2018 were:

                                           BIDDER                               BID

                                      Feyen Zylstra                        $ 26,522.00

                                      Metro Electric                       $ 67,200.00

                                   Atlantic Electric                       $71,200.00


Stoney Road Pump Station Electrical Upgrade

Bids opened August 20, 2018 were:

                                           BIDDER                               BID

                                      Metro Electric                        $ 74,900.00

               AAA Utility & Construction                        $ 99,999.99

                                   Atlantic Electric                         $125,780.00

Awarded to Metro on 9/11/18

Engineering Services for FOG and Septage Receiving Station

Responses received August 14, 2018, from:


Constantine Engineering


Hulsey McCormick & Wallace

WK Dickson

Supply and Delivery of Liquid Polymer for Dewatering Process

Postponed.  Reschedule date TBD.

Engineering Services for WWTP Grit Chamber Modifications

Responses received July 5, 2018, from:


American Engineering Consultants

Design South Professionals Inc.

Hazen & Sawyer

WK Dickson

Weston & Sampson

Awarded to Hazen & Sawyer on October 8, 2018, at a cost of $56,900

Upcoming projects, last updated 10/15/18

Asphalt Repairs Meeting Street Road

Surplus  sales

See for surplus equipment currenly available.


The Purchasing Department is responsible for procuring all goods and services for the District. The Department strives to utilize known resources as well as newer technology to acquire the best value in goods and services while meeting all applicable laws and the District’s Procurement Resolution.

To receive Solicitations that are not available on this page, or to ask questions about these and other projects, email the Purchasing Department, or call 843-764-3072 ext 2653, 2644, 2643, or 3307. 

The North Charleston Sewer District does not maintain a special Bidders List.  Potential bidders are encouraged to visit this page often for updates to the Current and Upcoming Projects.