Current Projects, last updated 11/30/17

Two (2) Pad Mounted 3,000 kVa Transformers and Two (2) 5 kV Switchgears

 Bids opened 11/28/17:

Bidder                                      Total Bid

Mayer Electrical Supply            $353,868.90

Shealy Electrical                        $369,520.90

Graybar                                      $384,900.80

ECK Supply                              $395,447.90

Philadelphia Electrical Equip    $403,300.00

EECO                                        $490,456.40

                   Van Tran Industries                 Submitted bid for only                                                                         Transformers and is                                                                              therefore non-responsive

AC Replacement at UV Building

Awarded to Carolina Chillers Inc at a total cost of $46,837.00

Anti-FOG Advertisment Campaign RFP

Awarded to NCM.

Employee Evaluation System RFQ

Awarded to Evergreen Solutions, LLC

Primary Scum Pump Replacement

Awarded to Penn Valley Pump Company   


Screw Pump Assembly


Awarded to Epic International

Polymer Receiving Area Painting

   Awarded to Industrial Safety Coatings  


Upcoming projects

Replacing two 8200 gallon underground fuel storage tanks at Stall Road Facility.

Surplus  sales

See for surplus equipment currenly available.


The Purchasing Department is responsible for procuring all goods and services for the District. The Department strives to utilize known resources as well as newer technology to acquire the best value in goods and services while meeting all applicable laws and the District’s Procurement Resolution.

To receive Solicitations that are not available on this page, or to ask questions about these and other projects, email the Purchasing Department, or call 843-764-3072 ext 2653, 2644, 2643, or 3307. 

The North Charleston Sewer District does not maintain a special Bidders List.  Potential bidders are encouraged to visit this page often for updates to the Current and Upcoming Projects.