Emergencies 843.764.3072 (any time)

When you call for emergency service, we will respond as soon as possible, any time of the day or night.  We will investigate the situation, fix what we can and inform other utilities or the property owner if the problem is their responsibility. And we'll provide you with an explanation of what we found.

Billing Questions: 843.764.3072

For billing questions, call 843.764.3072 during business hours, or email Customer Service

Rates, Budgets, Financials

Information on rates, budgets and other financial information may be found at Financials.

Service Availability To inquire whether sanitary sewer service is available at a new location
Encroachment Permit Permit to build anything over a sewer line or in a designated sewer easement
Residential Connection Permit Permit to connect residential building to sewer system
New Customer Information For customers billed directly by North Charleston Sewer District
Not needed for customers billed through other agencies.
Commercial Connection Permit Permit to connect commercial building to sewer system

Please complete, then email to Engineering or fax to 843.764.2659